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Hairdressers Association of the Czech Republic

The Association was established in order to create the material conditions for the functioning and development of the profession of hairdresser

Distributor of products, equipment, special supplies, and furniture, mainly for manicure and nail designer, beautician and pedicure.

In 1945, the Pelhřimov based company known as DUP was a cooperative art industry and its first products were wooden,hand-painted bowls, toys and puppets. The Metal Products factory continues to produce manicure and pedicure tools and also manufactures small machined metal parts for customers in other industries.


The Premax consortium is a group of around fifty companies, comprising over 300 employees, specialising in the production of scissors, shears, knives and other cutting tools. The Premax consortium, founded in 1974, deals with the study, design, promotion and sales throughout the world of products made in Premana. Years of experience, highly specialised personnel and continual research into the best materials, combined with in loco production of machinery designed specifically for the manufacture of cutting tools, have resulted in a vast range of products with a very high quality level. Accurate controls carried out during production and final testing by highly qualified personnel, guarantee an excellent product.